Children Focus On Planet’s Future

174 children involved in a common project for the COP21

On the occasion of the United Nations Convention on Climate (COP21), An Eye For An Eye has started a project focused on climate change between children of 5 continents. Throughout this year, 174 children from France, India, Cambodia, Bolivia, South Africa, China and Greenland are sharing pictures showing the way they perceive environmental protection and climate changes. In December 2015, their works will be exhibited in Paris upon the COP21.

These children are already used to sharing pictures amongst themselves and using photography as a means of communication. Indeed, they attended the AEFAE photography workshops and regularly take part in photography exchanges. Under the supervision of AEFAE trainers, children are invited to discover what environmental protection and, therefore, climate changes can concretely represent in their daily lives: rubbish collection, wastewater treatment, environmental protection initiatives, etc.

By learning concrete notions about environment protection and discovering actions lead in other continents, these young photographers will be informed, conscious and ready to became the players of their “environmental future”.

By sharing different cultural visions, we aim at gathering together around a common awareness and understanding environment protection as a cross-cultural concept.

 Follow the project in progress here.